A origem e o uso da linguagem gay : Anderson Cristiano Alves

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The historic challenge to become a homosexual man: an exercise of construction of identities. Palavras-chave: Homossexualidade, Heteronormatividade, Psicologia. This work is about the result of intent and systematic readings, followed of notations and registers, which had served for the theoretical recital. The problem that guides this work is centered in the contributions of the religious speech and of medical-psychological for the construction of the Identities of the Homosexual Men, under which a critical analysis was made, from this we present the repercussion that such phenomenon has produced in the present time. This subject was studied through literature revision, therefore, of this form, with its guaranteed information get enough data to weave the panorama of scientific writings on the thematic and to take knowledge of which they had been the ways trod for the diverse authors to deal with the subject, beyond giving use supplied references to contextualize our research. Thus, we argue the importance and the risks of searching to affirm the Identities of Homosexuals, between as many obliquities, and demonstrate the historical moment that this population is living deeply; on account of this, and having innumerable speeches on the thematicwe display, then, as this dynamics happens and as we need to locate them, also while psychologists, not only to rescue auto-esteem of this community and to provide space to them in this society, as well as to try to liquidate what we call a historical debt that Psychology has with this social pursuing.

Livro defende que a filosofia nasce no homoerotismo e na pederastia – Blogay

Rosaça dos Ventos , vol. Com abordo metodológica qualitativa, caracteriza-se como pesquisa exploratória, fazendo uso de técnicas de entrevistas abertas, analisadas com base no referencial teórico. Abstract: In order to go beyond the distortions caused by the economic approach of LGBT Tourism, this work aims to establish a relationship between travel and the transgression of the gay closet, from the reports of these travelers. With qualitative methodological approach, an exploratory study is characterized by using techniques of open interviews which analyzed based on a theoretical reference. This script allowed us to understand travel as a field of border experiences in which alterities are established and gays are allowed to get to know themselves through contacting with other stance taking of being in the world and, consequently, knowing their position taken about their own sexuality. In the end, we noticed that the travels are used by gays as resistance of social coercions, which come from the place where they live, and that experiences provided by these travels are essential in the transgression of the gay closet conflict.

O desafio histórico de tornar-se um homem homossexual: um exercício de construção de identidades

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A origem e o uso da linguagem gay (Anderson Cristiano Alves) - Artes Visuais - 2

Mas a desenvolvimento continuava na estabelecimento. Um ano depois do primo episódio, A. Logo nas primeiras investidas, A.

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