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Alagoas1. Bahia3. Distrito Federal Espírito Santo2. Minas Gerais9. Mato Grosso do Sul1. Paraíba3. Pernambuco6.

Os recados da Apple Facebook e Google no Cannes Lions 2019

A família é o maior alicerce que possuímos em nossas vidas. Com o tempo, perdeu-se a importância e sua estrutura, uma vez que foi deixada cada vez mais de lado por nossa sociedade. The Family is the greatest foundation we have in our lives. Over time, its importance and structure has been lost, as it has been increasingly left aside by our society. Companies, laws, child and teenagers development, search for the reclassification and reinsertion of the importance of the family in society, impact of social networks on the formation of people and in relation to publicity and advertising, fundamental rights, specific regulations and injuries caused by networks social. All of them will be themes of this work so that it is well-founded and proven that the media, through its publicity and advertisements, affect the functioning of the family and its individual and colletive growth. Childrens and teenagers, due to injuries caused by publicity and advertising, grow more and more without values and direction, and they must be protected so that the future os society is not lost even more, but that they regain the ability to protect, not only themselves, but the greater support base of human beings, the starting point for life in society, life and the family enviroment. O que a publicidade e a propaganda têm a ver com a família?

VÍDEOS: Liberal Comunidade deste domingo 3 de janeiro

Acreditar vagas. Avaliações de Empresas. O quê.

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