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Direitos Humanos. The present work has the objective of analyzing the international trafficking of people, specifically women and children, in the modality of sexual exploitation, from the point of view of human rights. In this vein, the historical aspects of trafficking in persons, which has been in existence since the 14th century, were discussed, as well as the concepts of the theme given by the organizations and the doctrinators. Moreover, based on the research carried out through books and magazinesit is possible to understand which victims are prone to trafficking, the ways organizations are used to induce them, and even to mask the trafficking network. Also, it was examined how great and rapid the territorial expansion of trafficking in persons has been, which is always aligned with other crimes, which makes everything easier for traffickers. It was also examined how normal has become the transnational crime of human trafficking, which we all know exists across the world. And in this way, through booklets made available by some researchers and mainly by the Organizations, it was tried to the maximum to understand in what way the trafficking of people violates the principle of human dignity and violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In addition, since the Palermo Convention and its protocols gave strength to the progress made by Member States in the fight against crime, and since these and many other projects mentioned here have led countries to mobilize to create measures, jointly or otherwise, to prevention and repression of trafficking.


Alguns chegavam a constituir uma família paralela. Havia situações em que as esposas tinham conhecimento dessas aventuras amorosas. Peça delas até tolerava e seguia a vida matrimonial. Mas, os tempos mudaram. Hoje a mulher quer mais do que um homem ao lado. Em busca de prazer.

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Tatiana 29 anos - Paulista Você quer foder. Benefício, eu também. Estou disponível à tardiamente e à noite.

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Santos, C. Santos, N. Silva, J. Silva, N. Souza, L.

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